Margalit Berriet on HAS – The Magazine of Humanities, Arts and Society

Art Spiel in Dialogue with Margalit Berriet

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Mémoire de l’Avenir in Image, Exposition Kind Of Magic 1, 2019

Arts and Society launches a call for contributions for HAS, the new digital magazine in English and French for the Humanities and Arts in Society, to be published in Spring 2020. Arts and Society is a project launched on the initiative of UNESCO-MOST, the International Council for Philosophy and Human Sciences (CIPSH), Mémoire de l’Avenir (MDA), in partnership with the Global Chinese Arts and Culture Society (GCACS). Arts and Society is a global movement of artists and projects reflecting on the impact of creativity in society, using the arts and cultures as fundamental tools for improvement, innovation and transformation. The goal of this new publication is to analyse current challenges through the lenses of the humanities and the arts. Created for a wide audience, HAS offers a space of expression for the most innovative, enlightening, imaginative, creative and relevant initiatives around the world.

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Milcah Bassel – Poetic Documents

Milcah Bassel, governing vessels, 2019, artist book (variant edition of 5), closed: 4 x 3 ½ x 3”, open: 34 ¼” x 26 ½”

Milcah Bassel is an avid art learner whose curiosity leads to cross disciplines and techniques such as sculpture, performance, and bookmaking. She probes deep into her subjects and investigates her forms with rigor, but also with a playful approach. That playfulness is revealed throughout her diverse body of work, giving us a distinct flavor of her thought process and sensibility.

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Solstice at Flux Factory

Art Spiel in Dialogue with Jonathan Sims, curator of Solstice: An Exhibition of Works in Light

Solstice at Flux Factory

The group show “Solstice” at Flux Factory in LIC brings together ten installation, sculpture and performance artists who utilize light as a core element in their work. The gallery is darkened and the only light in the space will emanate from the artists’ work – LED, fiber-optics, incandescent, altogether “lensed into being.” The show features installations by Luba DrozdLaurent FortSizhu LiLindsay PackerKsenia SalionJonathan Sims and Performances by ÉMUNight ShiningPaloma KopTestu Collective . Jonathan Sims, the curator whose work is also featured in the show, shares with Art Spiel the idea behind this project and some info on the venue.

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‘Openings’ at Studio 10

Art Spiel in Dialogue with Larry Greenberg and Kate Teale

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Installation view

Kate Teale and Larry Greenberg have been exchanging art ideas for many years. Recently, their conversations have transformed into a fascinating collaboration, resulting in a two person painting show at Studio 10 in Bushwick. Larry Greenberg, the founder of Studio 10, and Kate Teale, a painter who has showed her work there regularly, share with Art Spiel how ‘Openings’ came about.

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Blue in Green at Platform Project Space

Art Spiel in Dialogue with Alyssa E. Fanning on Blue in Green

Elliott Green. Inhale, Exhale, 2018, Oil on linen, 30 x 40 inches. Image courtesy of the artist and Pierogi Gallery

Platform Project Space, a Dumbo art venue geared to support curatorial projects by artists and independent curators, features the group exhibition “Blue in Green”, curated by artist and curator Alyssa E. Fanning. The show features paintings and drawings by 13 artists: Eric Wolf, Lee Lee Walker, Emma Tapley, Barbara Takenaga, James Siena, Alexander Ross, Joey Parlett, Andy Mister, Daniel Herwitt, Elliott Green, Nancy Goldring, Alyssa E. Fanning and Alec Dartley. Alyssa E. Fanning shares with Art Spiel her background, the art venue, and her premise for this show.

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Elizabeth Garvey – on Garvey/Simon

In Dialogue with Liz Garvey on her Programming

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Constance Scopelitis, God is in Clean Laundry: Wash and Wear, 2019, Carbon on fabric. 11h x 11w in

Liz Garvey says that one of her favorite aspects of the Garvey/Simon Select program is seeing how artists reinvigorate traditional media with innovative techniques. Established in 2010, Garvey/Simon is both a private dealer and art advisory service co-founded by advisor/dealer/curator Elizabeth K. Garvey and contemporary collector, Catherine G. Simon. In this interview Liz Garvey sheds some light on her gallery model and her upcoming programs.

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“Now You’re Looking” – Akshita Gandhi at Pulse

Anna Mikaela Ekstrand in dialogue with Mumbai-based artist Akshita Gandhi

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Akshita Gandhi, Angel, 2019, Lightbox, 48_ x 32.5_Photograph courtesy D’Arte Mart(eKo-System Inc)

Miami Art Week is bigger than any other global fair as it attracts a wide range of audiences. Centered around Art Basel Miami, Miami Art Week is the catch-all term for the seven day art world bonanza in December packed densely with art fairs, public art, interventions, activations, pop-ups, parties – basically all forms of art shows – often sponsored by companies who capitalize on the opportunity to reach art world professionals, art lovers, celebrities, and trend-setters. You might already know this, great. What you might not have considered is what it feels like to be an artist within this bustling eco/nomy/logy.

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Stay High – Leah Tacha at Gold/scopophilia

In Dialogue with Jennifer Wroblewski Founder of Gold/scopophilia

Leah Tacha, Notice Me. 2019. 20 x 11 x 3 inches. Ceramic with digital decals. Photo by Maeve Fitzhoward.
Leah Tacha, Notice Me. 2019. 20 x 11 x 3 inches. Ceramic with digital decals. Photo by Maeve Fitzhoward.

Gold/scopophilia is a rigorous artist run art venue in Upper Montclair NJ, founded in 2017 by Jennifer Wroblewski. The founder shares with Art Spiel the story behind her gallery, programming, and current exhibition featuring the work of Leah Tacha.

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Spotlight: “On Collecting Works of Art- An interview with Yelena Ambartsumian and Miroslav Grajewski”

Yelena Ambartsumian and Miroslav Grajewski at their home with work by Andre Butzer. Image courtesy of collectors and author.

Yelena Ambartsumian and Miroslav Grajewski are two young collectors who are passionate about contemporary art. They both have a sharpened sensibility of the art market. With a keen understanding of the auction prices, one of the things that separates them from other collectors is they firmly believe in going after the work they feel is most important to them. If there is such a thing as destiny their story would define it. Fittingly, they first met at the Museum of Modern Art in 2016. Six months into their relationship they purchased their first work of art together. They got married and continue to actively appreciate art and collect as a couple. I conducted an interview with them this past summer. I narrowed the field of questions to the nature of collecting; what interests them, and; the advice they would provide to other young collectors. The following is a transcribed interview.

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