Edge of Light at Plaxall

Previewing with Jonathan Sims

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Jess Holz, Borderlands, 2020. Installation with laser cut Fresnel lenses and video of the artist’s skin being examined under the scanning electron microscope at the HoloCenter exhibition EDGE OF LIGHT

The Edge of Light began with the intent to create a group exhibition of artists who work in light. Jonathan Sims, a light artist himself and the curator of this group show at Plaxall, says that although there are a very large number of artists currently working with light as a medium and a material, but their chances to exhibit, particularly in a group setting, are limited. 

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Then She Did at The Plaxall Gallery

Allison Sommers, photo courtesy of the artist

The mixed media exhibition “Then She Did” at Plaxall aims to speak instead of shout, invite discussion instead of criticism. It presents diverse approaches on sexuality, strength, femininity, independence, support,  societal norms and roles, methodology, art, and activism.  Curators Lori Zimmer and Melissa McCaig-Welles  say that the featured artists  Alexandra Momin, Alice Mizrachi, Alison Mosshart, Allison Sommers, Audrey Dimola, Caitlin Harris, Chinon Maria, Elizabeth Winnel, Indie 184, Janette Beckman, Joanne Leah, Karen Dimit, Kathryn Rose, Katrina del Mar, Kendra Heisler, Lady Pink, Marne Lucas, Paola Martinez, Queen Andrea, Rebecca Reeve, Swoon, Vahge and Vicky Barranguet  choose who they want to be,  how they want to think, and how they want to influence others. They take us on a journey through the personal revolutions of everyday women in America, whose diverse methods and beliefs are only stronger when unified.  Continue reading “Then She Did at The Plaxall Gallery”