William Norton – Styx & Stones- at The Boiler – ELM Foundation

Photo Story
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“Cop,CodPiece, and Tigger”, “Lurking Cop”, “Cutting the Head Off the Thug”, “in the rain i feel myself swallowed, savored, teased by your tongue”

William Norton’s large-scale paintings at The Boiler – ELM Foundation evoke imagery of oppression and protest through gestural graphic marks and bold color on recycled vinyl advertisements as canvas. “We are always being sold something in this age of hyper-ventilating propaganda. And there is just enough of the advertising image left over to titillate the viewers’ eyeballs,” Norton says.

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Jessica Weiss PRESENT at 490 Atlantic

Featured Artist

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Jessica Weiss, installation view

The exhibition PRESENT at 490 Atlantic gallery features nine paintings by Jessica Weiss. In this body of work, made during the pandemic, Weiss continues to combine wallpaper, silkscreened patterns, fabric, and paint—utilizing the optical and psychological power of these scraps from domestic life. Within the colorful and tactile surface, figures appear, and gesture becomes important. The exhibit opens Saturday February 25th, 5-8pm.

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Frances McCormack: Wonder and Limitations

Frances McCormack

Paintings are the products of imagination whose language is feeling and form.  My paintings describe an interior theatre where the relationship of energy to limitation unfolds in a drama that is primarily optical.  The work references the natural world filtered through the lens of the marvelous and invites the viewers’ participation and interpretation…. a task ideally suited to painting.                                                                              

  – Frances McCormack, 2020​

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Alice Zinnes: Inner landscapes of Light

Alice Zinnes in her studio, with charcoal drawings behind

Alice Zinne‘s paintings draw from literature and mythology to create dramatic landscapes in which light and dark interplay as main protagonists. Her oil paintings, watercolors, and drawings often depict floods of light intertwined with fragmented darker patches, evoking dense and fluid inner spaces.

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Meg Atkinson – Painting as a Leap of Faith

One Tree, Two Mouthy Ghosts, 2019, Oil on canvas, 30 x 40 inches, photo courtesy Max Yawney

Meg Atkinson‘s paintings resemble puzzles open to multiple solutions. Her imagery is embedded with associative literary and visual layers, as clues to an open-ended riddle. Meg Atkinson shares with Art Spiel what brought her to art, as well as the way she has developed her approach to mark-making, space, gird, and color.

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Artists on Coping: Gwyneth Leech

During the Coronavirus pandemic, Art Spiel is reaching out to artists to learn how they are coping.

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Cocoon for Façade Replacement, 2019 , Oil on wood panel, 22” x 24”

Through her paintings of high rise constructions sites, Gwyneth Leech expresses the optimism and anxiety of a rapidly changing New York cityscape. She has been in solo and group shows throughout the United States and Great Britain, including Susan Teller Gallery in New York City; Studio 50 Gallery in Los Angeles; Pearl Fincher Museum of Fine Art in Houston Texas; and Aberdeen Art Gallery and Museum, Scotland. Her work has been featured in The New York Times, American Art Collector Magazine, The Village Voice, and City Realty. She is the subject of a multi-award winning short documentary, The Monolith.

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