Artists on Coping: Kathryn Hart

During the coronavirus pandemic, Art Spiel is reaching out to artists to learn how they are coping.

A dirty old room

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Kathryn Hart, Installation view of The Other Voice in Sala Coll Alas, 2020, Gandia, Spain , Foreground: Site-specific installation, Self Possessed, 2020, 148x238x160 inches

Kathryn Hart’s artworks are underpinned in Humanism and Feminism. She expands works beyond their physicality using shadow, reflection, light, dimension, gesture, line and space.  Her spatial installations respond to the unique architecture of their environments. Recent solo shows include Sala d’Exposicions Coll Alas de Gandia (SP); European Cultural Centre, a 58th Venice Biennale event; School of Visual Arts (NYC); Politechnika Krakowska; Howland Cultural Center (NY); Galerie SD Szucha 8 (Warsaw); Andre Zarre Gallery, (NYC); and ArtHaus (Denver).  Select group venues include Ateneo de Madrid, Chelsea Art Museum (NYC), Oceanside MOA (CA), Archeological Museum, Gandia, and So. Nevada MFA (Las Vegas). Recent features are The September Issues Magazine,   Amparo Zacares Publications, Estetica Pedagogica, Gallery&Studio Arts Journal,  Diversions LA.  Public TV links USA and in Spain.

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