Jeanne Verdoux’s Female Vaisselle at Sculpture Space

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A white and orange plastic mannequin

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Ballerina, Ceramics & glaze, 17x12x9.25”, 2023

Brooklyn artist Jeanne Verdoux’s latest exhibition, Female Vaisselle, at the Sculpture Space NYC from February 2 to March 2, 2024, marks her first solo show in New York City. Verdoux captures the essence of the female form through a blend of ceramics, drawings, monoprints, and video art. The title itself is a linguistic play, merging the French word “vaisselle” (meaning tableware) with the English “vessel,” reflecting the dual themes of domesticity and the female body as a container of multifarious experiences.

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Norte Maar’s CounterPointe10 – JEANNE VERDOUX and JOVONNA PARKS

Out of the Vessel, Choreography and Dance : JoVonna Parks. Visual Art and Video Projection: Jeanne Verdoux. Photo: Jeanne Verdoux

The impetus for this series of conversations between a visual artist and a choreographer comes directly from my recent collaborative work with a choreographer as part of Norte Maar’s CounterPointe10. In this unique project a choreographer is paired with a visual artist to create together over two months a dance performance that integrates the two disciplines into a cohesive vision. Here is the conversation between artist Jeanne Verdoux and choreographer / dancer JoVonna Parks.

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