Artists on Coping: Jada Fabrizio

During the coronavirus pandemic, Art Spiel is reaching out to artists to learn how they are coping.

A ferret on a table

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“All things big and small”

As a Multimedia Artist, Jada Fabrizio’s practice incorporates aspects of various disciplines, taking the form of set building, sculpture, photography and, when available, installation. Jada is interested making images and that communicate complex feelings and psychological dilemmas. The use of sculptural creatures makes difficult ideas somewhat friendlier or more approachable. She endows the animal-based figures with personalities or traits that could be considered more “human” Because the stories she is telling all have something to do with humanity and the connections we all share.

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Jada Fabrizio: Ardent Fables

Jada Fabrizio, The commuter Photograph, 13×19, photo courtesy of Jada Fabrizio

Mixed media artist Jada Fabrizio is an insatiable story teller. Her appetite for narratives covers wide grounds and results in dioramas and photographs ranging from a domestic scene of a hen with a fried egg at hand, to a melancholy rabbit sprawling on an armchair. Fervently surreal and underscored with dark humor, these sculptural sets and photographs offer open-ended stories that tease us and draws us in. Jada Fabirzio shares with Art Spiel a bit about herself, her approach to art making, and what triggers her narratives.

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