Après Coup: Transforming Trauma into Art

Samira Abbassy, Reincarnated Fears, Oil on Gesso Panel, 48” X 36”, 2016, photo courtesy of JEANETTE MAY photo studio

The group exhibition “Après Coup: Transforming Trauma into Art” was conceived in tandem with the conference, Translating Trauma into Art and Literature at the Hewitt gallery in Marymount Manhattan College. Curated by Hallie Cohen, Professor of Art, Director of the Hewitt Gallery, this thought provoking show features work by Samira AbbassySusan Erony, Joumana Jaber, Miriam Katin, jc lenochan,  Lance Letscher, Ruth Liberman, Tyson Robertson, and Stephanie Serpick who come from diverse backgrounds and refer to different adversities, but all share ongoing reflections on trauma – running the gamut from the deeply personal to the philosophical. Continue reading “Après Coup: Transforming Trauma into Art”