Elisa Jensen: Gazing Inward

Elisa Jensen‘s imagery draws upon pre-historic narratives – ancient  rock art scattered in pristine Irish landscapes, a Danish bog person  sacrificed during the Iron age, or stone age burial mounds spotted in a Danish island.  Her paintings and sculptures bring to mind mysterious rites and myths salvaged from a forgotten ancient past or perhaps from the depth of our collective unconscious memory.  In her interview for Art Spiel Jensen shares some thoughts on her process, imagery, and context.

Elisa Jensen , Gold Boat detail, 2018, self drying clay, acrylic paint, gold leaf 2 x 7 inches, photo by Apiwich

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Return to Light at The Green Door

Rico Gatson, Natalie Moore, Paul D’Agostino
Rico Gatson, Natalie Moore, Paul D’Agostino

All Photos courtesy Susan Sechler Luss

The Green Door gallery was created at the Divine Mercy Cultural Center to foster a sense of community in the Williamsburg neighborhood. The venue was initiated  by Father Thomas Vassalotti, who, along with Father Paul Anel of Heart’s Home, reached out to the artist and curator Elisa Jensen with the wish to connect to the many artists in the neighborhood.

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