Trish Tillman – Souvenirs of a Moment

Trish Tillman, Afterschool Locker, 2017, Hand-printed vinyl, wood, metal, horsehair, resin, 66” x 37” x 6”, photo by Ethan Browning

Trish Tillman flirts with materials. She fuses in her sculptures  elements of fashion and interior décor like leather, vinyl, studs, ropes, and chains,  to create  art objects which are often both humorous and enigmatic. While her sculptures bring to mind  old relics, early symbols,  or mysterious calligraphic forms, they also embody the allure of faux luxury.  Continue reading “Trish Tillman – Souvenirs of a Moment”

 Helen O’ Leary: No Place for Certainty

Helen O’Leary, installation view of Home is a foreign country, 2018, photo courtesy of Lesley Heller by Eva O’Leary

Helen O’Leary‘s sculptural paintings are delicate and rough, subtle and raw, literal and metaphoric – they embrace and prick the viewer at the same time. Her current exhibition Home is a foreign country at Leslie Heller indicates not only clear incisiveness and impressive mastery of form, but also a deep generosity- sharing with the viewer her rigorous process of  grappling with material: visible jointing, disjointing, bending, folding,  knitting. She says that somewhere through the struggle some magic happens. And magic does happen in her artwork. Continue reading ” Helen O’ Leary: No Place for Certainty”

Quotidian Metamorphosis at the Rockland Center for the Arts

As part of their Spring exhibits addressing Climate Change, The Rockland Center for the Arts features three exhibitions – two solo shows: Quotidian Metamorphosis featuring works by Jaynie Crimmins  and Aqueous Remains  featuring  Aurora Robson as well as The Tipping Point, a group show featuring J. Henry Fair, David Maisel, Alison Moritsugu, Richard Parrish, and Jill Pelto.

Jaynie Crimmins, Accumulations #4 , 12” x 12” x 12”D,  shredded household mail, thread over armature mounted on wood, 2016, photo courtesy of Cibele Vieira

Continue reading “Quotidian Metamorphosis at the Rockland Center for the Arts”

Aspects in Landscape at Galerie Protégé

Murphy Chang, GRANT, 4x6in, 2017, carbon on paper
Murphy Chang, GRANT, 4x6in, 2017, carbon on paper

All photos courtesy by the artists

“Aspects in Landscape”, curated by  Stacy Greene at Galerie Protégé, juxtaposes the work of six artists whose interpretations of landscape range in sensibilities – from sensory to surreal and media. It runs the gamut from two dimensional artworks like drawing, painting, and photography, to sculptural installations. Continue reading “Aspects in Landscape at Galerie Protégé”

Slow Motion at john Doe

Michael Chandler Flying Ground oil on canvas 80 x 70 in. (203.2 x 177.8 cm.) Painted in 2000, photo courtesy of the artist
Michael Chandler, Flying Ground, oil on canvas
80 x 70 in. (203.2 x 177.8 cm.)
Painted in 2000, photo courtesy of the artist

The two person show at John Doe juxtaposes Michael Chandler’s paintings and  Charlie Rubin’s photographs. Both artists deliver meditative and vivid abstractions – Chandler makes visceral paintings founded in nature but informed by the rhythm of the city and Rubin  explores the artifice of place, and the post-Instagram void. Continue reading “Slow Motion at john Doe”