Peter Fox – Surface Tension at the Front Room Gallery

Peter Fox, Second self, 2018, courtesy of the artist
Peter Fox, Second self, 2018, courtesy of the artist

“Surface Tension”, Peter Fox’s third solo exhibition with Front Room gallery features a series of new paintings in which he manifests a controlled self-reflexive state – the layered painting application itself defines form and gesture. In this new series Fox has reduced his palette to earth tones, creating a rich counterpoint – burnt siennas, dark browns and yellow ochres play off cool blues in Payne’s grey. 

Peter Fox,Head dress, 2018, courtesy of the artist

Fox’s layering process reflect his dedication to exploration of relational color constructs, mediated through formal systems which reference automatic drawing, abstract painting and process art. He is primarily preoccupied with the tension  between the physical depth of the material surface and the illusion of depth. The tension between material and illusion is fundamental  – his pictorial surfaces demand and defies narrative attachment with the same gesture.

Peter Fox, War lock, 2018, courtesy of the artist

The artworks in  “Surface Tension” were created by utilizing self inflicted restricting  parameters in the vain of automatic drawings.  Fox for instance has developed a stylus to apply and manipulate paint – akin to a large paint pen which can be loaded with multiple colors at once. This tool is capable of producing within a single gesture a wide range of expressive forms like stripes, blends, and spills – its linear nature also highlights multiple links between painting and drawing. That said, the stylus has strict limitations – its crude, clumsy, and unpredictable nature altogether enhance  a crucial  element of chance in  the painting process.  Fox puts it best – he sees his creation as “sudden turn that opens onto a broad vista and always feels miraculous.”

Peter Fox, The deep, 2018, courtesy of the artist
Peter Fox, Auto pilot, 2018, courtesy of the artist


Peter Fox: Surface Tension through March 18th

at Front Room Gallery

48 Hester Street, NY, NY 10002

Wed-Sun 1-6 PM and by appointment

Artist talk TomorrowFriday March 9 at 12 noon as part of Lower East Side Early Morning event for Armory week