Meryl Meisler – LES YES!

Meryl Meisler 1978 / courtesy of The Storefront Project & Steven Kasher Gallery

In 2008, The National Trust for Historic Preservation placed the LES on their list of America’s Most Endangered Historic Places. “LES YES!” at The Storefront Project  upcoming exhibition features Meryl Meisler’s photographs of the Lower East Side during the 1970’s & 1980s.  Meisler, who was born in the Bronx and raised in Long Island, captured in her photos  a tight knit immigrant and working-class neighborhood during difficult times in NYC history. Continue reading “Meryl Meisler – LES YES!”

 Helen O’ Leary: No Place for Certainty

Helen O’Leary, installation view of Home is a foreign country, 2018, photo courtesy of Lesley Heller by Eva O’Leary

Helen O’Leary‘s sculptural paintings are delicate and rough, subtle and raw, literal and metaphoric – they embrace and prick the viewer at the same time. Her current exhibition Home is a foreign country at Leslie Heller indicates not only clear incisiveness and impressive mastery of form, but also a deep generosity- sharing with the viewer her rigorous process of  grappling with material: visible jointing, disjointing, bending, folding,  knitting. She says that somewhere through the struggle some magic happens. And magic does happen in her artwork. Continue reading ” Helen O’ Leary: No Place for Certainty”

Hecho en Tránsito / Made in Transit at Salena

Travis Leroy Southworth  & Lisbet Roldan Collaboration Version 3, photo courtesy of the curator

What happens when artists who come from different worlds encounter one another through art? How does access to information and materials in the U.S. and the constraint and lack in Cuba affect making art? What does a dialogue look like without words? The exhibition “Hecho en Tránsito / Made in Transit” that is currently presented at the LIU Salena gallery, is posing these questions with rigor. The artwork in this show is resulting of a long term project which was designed to foster intercultural dialogue between U.S. and Cuban artists, primarily through the exchange and collaborative creation of artwork. The visual dialogue between the artists is sustained in thought provoking ways across time, place, cultural differences, and political transitions. Continue reading “Hecho en Tránsito / Made in Transit at Salena”

Pop Goes The Weasel

POP GOES THE WEASEL- An exhibition that asks the question “why not”?

POP GOES THE WEASEL, installation view, photo courtesy of the curator

The group show “Pop Goes The Weasel” at The Williamsburg Art and Historical Society brings together a group of nineteen artists from Japan and the US, fifteen women and four men who are  working in seemingly disparate ways. Curator and artist William Norton  presents his premise as “Why not”? Why not bring together artists who simply share their pathos, political intent, psychological depth ,a love of materials, and above all, their joy in creating art? Continue reading “Pop Goes The Weasel”

Andrew Cornell Robinson – Transgressing Across Time and Line

Andrew Cornell Robinson in the studio, photographed by Alex Reyes 2017

Andrew Cornell Robinson ‘s website indicates: “art + crafts research studio.” Largely known as a prolific ceramicist, Robinson’s oeuvre embraces a wide range of craft and design methods – resulting in an extensive body of drawings and diverse mixed media installations, all the way to performance. Throughout our multiple conversations I have been increasingly intrigued by his multi faceted imagination and asked him to learn more about his visual explorations. Continue reading “Andrew Cornell Robinson – Transgressing Across Time and Line”

Liminal Worlds at Trestle Gallery

Anne Polashenski , Aliens in a New Land: Josef & Francziska Podleszański (Great Grandparents), 2015, C-prints, cut paper collage & gouache on paper, 23 x 19 in, photo courtesy of the artist

Curated by Katerina Lanfranco“Liminal Worlds,” the upcoming show at Trestle features four artists who reflect on the fluid dividing line between the multiple realities we experience as part of the human condition.  Anne Polashenski and Greg Thielker examine notions of “self and other” through ethnography, immigrant experiences, and national borders. Ashley Hope and Elizabeth Insogna explore the elusive notions of spirit and afterlife. Altogether, through their artworks, these artists invite us to venture into territories that make us contemplate not only  politics, but also the potential for deeper self-awareness. Continue reading “Liminal Worlds at Trestle Gallery”

Michal Gavish – Crystalline City at LIU

Michal Gavish, NYC3, photo courtesy of the artist

Crystalline City is an exhibition of large-scale installations by Michal Gavish, on view now at the Humanities Gallery at LIU, Brooklyn. Presented in this unique glass walled gallery akin to a large scale oval diorama, the viewer can see the works from the outside. Designed on a combination of translucent fabrics and papers, the hand made prints transmit and reflect the surrounding lights and allow for multiple full views of the installation, through and around these fabrics. Continue reading “Michal Gavish – Crystalline City at LIU”

Gregory Coates, Claiming Feathers

Gregory Coates, Afro Series 1 and 2 with artist, feathers acrylic on luan, 4 feet diameter, 2018, photo courtesy of the artist

Gregory Coates’ bold and colorful installations raise questions rather than offer explanations. Through his abstracted forms and unabashed use of alluring colors he creates “social abstractions” which can be read as affirmations of life – beautiful and poignant at the same time. Continue reading “Gregory Coates, Claiming Feathers”

Après Coup: Transforming Trauma into Art

Samira Abbassy, Reincarnated Fears, Oil on Gesso Panel, 48” X 36”, 2016, photo courtesy of JEANETTE MAY photo studio

The group exhibition “Après Coup: Transforming Trauma into Art” was conceived in tandem with the conference, Translating Trauma into Art and Literature at the Hewitt gallery in Marymount Manhattan College. Curated by Hallie Cohen, Professor of Art, Director of the Hewitt Gallery, this thought provoking show features work by Samira AbbassySusan Erony, Joumana Jaber, Miriam Katin, jc lenochan,  Lance Letscher, Ruth Liberman, Tyson Robertson, and Stephanie Serpick who come from diverse backgrounds and refer to different adversities, but all share ongoing reflections on trauma – running the gamut from the deeply personal to the philosophical. Continue reading “Après Coup: Transforming Trauma into Art”

The spirit of NYC Trash!

Bernard Klevickas ,mirrored branch, to be installed at the City Reliquary, photo courtesy of the artist

In conjunction with the City Reliquary museum ‘s current exhibition “NYC Trash!: Past, Present, & Future Sculpture Garden,” the Reliquary’s backyard garden will inhabit site specific artworks by ten local artists who are utilizing trash as art material.  The opening reception will be on Saturday, April 7th, at 12pm.  Continue reading “The spirit of NYC Trash!”