HyperAccumulators at Pelham Art Center

All photos courtesy of Alexandra Brock

Jeanne Tremel

Artist Talk: “HyperAccumulators”

Sat March 2nd from 2-4PM at Pelham Art Center

Hyperaccumulators are plants capable of growing in soils with very high concentrations of metals and are known for extracting contaminants; thus, helping the ecosystem. This duality of destruction and restoration underscores “HyperAccumulators” – the current vibrant group show at Pelham Art Center. In their upcoming artist talk, curators Alexandra Brock and Elizabeth Saperstein will lead the panel on how contemporary artists interpret connectivity between nature, toxicity, and possible regeneration. And not merely in nature. As curator Alexandra Brock says, “we have become ‘HyperAccumulators’ dealing with the everyday environmental and political climate we are living in. The artists are taking in all this- and helping us return to a better state.”

Cary Hulbert (installation) and Erika Ranee (painting
Dorothy Robinson

In a sense, the nine contemporary artists featured in this show represent hyperaccumulators. Erika Ranee’s and Dorothy Robinson’s abstracted landscapes resonate natural forces like rushing rivers or volcanic fluids; Valerie Hegarty’s voluptuous still life compositions evoke the smell of rotting flowers and taste of spoiled fruit; Joseph Fucigna, Lina Puerta and Jeanne Tremel fuse the natural and the manufactured into poetic hybrids; Denise Sfraga’s drawings and Christian Bazant-Hegemark’s paintings depict mysterious biomorphic or plant forms; and Cary Hulbert’s site-specific installation and prints invite the viewer to experience a utopian-dystopian environment. Overall, the lush paintings, tactile sculptures, and site-specific works which engulf the galleries like a futuristic landscape, oscillate between the natural and man-made, decay and restoration.

Denise Sfraga

HyperAccumulators is on view through March 23, 2019.

Featured artists: Christian Bazant-Hegemark, Joseph Fucigna, Valerie Hegarty, Cary Hulbert, Lina Puerta, Erika Ranee, Dorothy Robinson, Denise Sfraga and Jeanne Tremel.

Pelham Art Center
155 Fifth Avenue, Pelham, NY 10803
Monday-Friday, 10-5pm
Saturday, 10-4pm

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