Cheat Sheet – BOS 2018

By Sharilyn Neidhardt

This is my cheat sheet for BOS 2018. It is by no means comprehensive but these are some of things I plan to check out over the weekend. I look forward to seeing many friends and colleagues out at the studios.

Satellite Art Show


701 Grand St

“Gross out Glam, Kinky Klowns, Baptisms, Gender Bending, Body Positivity, Karaoke Strip Tease”…and so much more

Wayfarers BK

1109 DeKalb Ave

Wayfarers have their annual members’ show on view, and they’ll be serving donuts to get your day started on Saturday Sept 29 from 11a-1p

505 Johnson St

Studio of John Fleming

117 Grattan

308 – Studio of Jeffrey Morabito and Evan Reehl Ryer

309 – Studio of Andrew Robinson

Check out in the same building: Marcy Rosewater and Catalin Moldovenu, among many others.

Jeffrey Morabito, photo courtesy of the artist

63 Woodward St

Studio of Roman Kalinovski

The Active Space

566 Johnson (enter on Stewart)

13 (3rd floor) – Studio of Elizabeth Riley

14 (3rd floor) – Studio of Jaynie Gillman Crimmins

21 (3rd floor) -Studios of Joanne Ungar and Ron Richter

Jaynie Gilman Crimmins, photo courtesy of the artist
Elizabeth Riley, photo courtesy of the artist

44 Stewart Ave

20 – Studio of Linda Kamille Schmidt

Bushwick Abbey Studios

176 St Nicholas Ave

Studios of resident artist Seth Ruggles Hiler and other exhibiting artists

Essential Music and Art Show

49 Wyckoff (at Starr St, near Jefferson L stop)

3-8p Fri – Sun

Many exhibiting artists including Eva Mueller and Lucia Rollow

Phil Buehler’s Cyclorama will be on view on Grattan St, which will be closed to traffic

House of YES – 12p Sunday

2 Wyckoff

House of YES is hosting a free outdoor art party beginning at 12p on Sunday Sept 30,

Brooklyn Brush Studios

203 Harrison Place

Studio 203 – Studio of Sophia Chizuco (Sunday only)

17-17 Troutman

Studio 318 exhibiting artists Jaclyn Brown, Taha Clayton, Heidi Elbers, Sarah Lubin, Gianna Putrino, Rachel Rickert, Branden Wallace, Kat Zhao

The Bogart Building

56 Bogart (Bogart between Harrison and Grattan)

Open Studios:

4N – studio of Joyce Yamada

4D- Studios of Phil Buehler and Shira Toren

222- Studio of Seren Morey

204 – Jonathan Quinn

In the Galleries:

DSC – ‘Exquisite Corpse’ (group show)

M David Studio – ‘Leaving a Mark’ (group show)

Fuchs Projects – IBUKI MINAMI

Amos Eno – Nancy Elsamanoudi

The Borders – ‘Liminality’ (group show) curated by Jamie Martinez with artists: John Drue Scott Worrell, Frank Wang Yefeng, and Jamie Martinez

Liminality, installation view at the Borders, photo courtesy of the gallery

100 Bogart Street Gallery

100 Bogart Street

“Size Matters”, curated by William Norton.
Participating Artists:
Yukari Edamitsu / Yuki Okamoto / Marcela Silva / Sonomi Kobayashi / Koto Takei /Melissa Stern / Noriko Nokano / Millicent Young / Xiaowei Chen / Miwael / Camelia Mohebi / Chris Ketchie / Michael David / Daniel John Gadd / Peter Hopkins / William Norton / Cake Hara
Performances by:
Jonah Bokaer / Dirty Churches / Yannah Paradise / Lisa Levy / Plus Surprise Guests

Chris Ketchie, at Size Matters, photo courtesy of the artist

Brooklyn Fireproof

119 Ingraham St (At Porter)

Open Studios:

100 – studio of Colin J. Radcliffe,

205 -studio of Thomas Burr Dodd,

207 – studio of  Lila Freeman,

208 – studio of  Leslie Tucker, and Karl Jones,

326 – studio of  Hazel Lee Santino,

400 -studio of Petra Nimtz,

Colin Radcliffe

In the galleries:

Creators Club (group show), ‘Baker’s Dozen’

Thomas Burr Dodd, ‘Accessing the Real’

Sharilyn Neidhardt, ‘Supermassive Black Hole’