Self-Storage by Beverly Peterson, at TSL in Hudson

A room with many pieces of cardboard

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Chaos, Video projection mapping and AI animation splash around large and small white cardboard boxes; these display facets of the memories and experiences that are hard to relinquish.

Artist Beverly Peterson has been squirreling away the components of Self-Storage in her studio over several years—collecting, modifying, situating, upending, and repositioning things, paintings, photographs, video, and film. She describes this work as a “deeply personal, emotional, and immersive experience that invites visitors to reflect on their own memories as they explore a dreamlike environment.” It is that, but that’s like describing a particular person as an “ambulating biped with hair.” There’s more.

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Table of Contents at Time and Space Limited in Hudson


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In October 2021, at the periphery of the parking lot outside of the Time and Space Limited Center in Hudson, artwork by Linda Mussman appeared—about 20 large dictionaries and encyclopedias opened out on a crude wooden table. For several months, round the clock, these dictionaries were exposed to rain, sunlight, and snow, and rifled through by winds. Peach-colored streetlight bathed the texts some nights, and bright sunlight bleached the pages some days. The grass around the table receded and then returned with – mirabile dictu – a green shoot briefly fighting its way between 2 volumes. 

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