Artists on Coping: Jada Fabrizio

During the coronavirus pandemic, Art Spiel is reaching out to artists to learn how they are coping.

A ferret on a table

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“All things big and small”

As a Multimedia Artist, Jada Fabrizio’s practice incorporates aspects of various disciplines, taking the form of set building, sculpture, photography and, when available, installation. Jada is interested making images and that communicate complex feelings and psychological dilemmas. The use of sculptural creatures makes difficult ideas somewhat friendlier or more approachable. She endows the animal-based figures with personalities or traits that could be considered more “human” Because the stories she is telling all have something to do with humanity and the connections we all share.

Jada resides in Weehawken, NJ and studied photography at the School of Visual Arts and the International Center for Photography in New York City. Her work appears in multiple publications including Musée Magazine, Split Rock Review, Chaleur Magazine, The Dollhouse Magazine, 805- Art and Lit Magazine, High Shelf Magazine, Pikchur Magazine, Coffin Bell Journal, unstamatic magazine, Metonym Journal and The Ear Art and Poetry review.

AS: How are you coping?

JF: I am frustrated but doing my best to wall off anxiety and fear. I am focusing on my health and staying indoors.

A person sitting in a room

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“Behind the curtain”

AS: Has your routine changed?

JF: I am fostering a cat from the local shelter, I kitten, in my studio so I am working around his needs, holding meetings with people on zoom, trying to convert my upcoming show to virtual experiences with galleries, doing yoga daily to stay calm.

A picture containing sheep, standing, front, sitting

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“Golden hour”

AS: Can you describe some of your feelings about all this?

JF: I feel like I never woke up from anesthesia. It feels like a dream. I don’t think I can fully accept that this is really happening.

A teddy bear sitting on top of a building

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AS: What matters most right now?

JF: Fostering positive feelings to those around me, staying healthy.

A picture containing pink, table, sitting, food

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“the rose”

AS: Any thoughts about the road ahead?

JF: Honestly, this is a huge wake up call, lets see how it plays out.

A close up of an animal

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“clean air”

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