Artists on Coping: Michal Gavish

During the Coronavirus pandemic, Art Spiel is reaching out to artists to learn how they are coping.

Michal Gavish, Hidden Features; acrylic on fabric and paper; 86”X60”; 2019; courtesy of the artist.

Using microscopic imagery and collaborative laboratory data, Michal Gavish focuses on DNA and proteins. Her process begins by adopting old traditions of nature drawings that she modifies by constantly searching for new materials. Her installations examine the delicate balance that is essential for bio-structures and their vitality. Gavish is a multimedia artist working on paper, fabric, plastic and video. With her background as research scientist she concentrates on the intersection of art and science. Her work is exhibited nationally and internationally. She writes art reviews regularly and is a contributor to SciArt Magazine.

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Long Time Passing – A Campfire Story

Jeannine Bardo at Stand4

In her recent exhibition at the New York Stand4 gallery, Jeannine Bardo displays her art in the wall and on the wall. The Brooklyn artist paints, scratches, plasters, and finds objects from nature that add up to a set of narratives that she titles “Long Time Passing/ A Campfire Story.” The artworks are subtle, with almost no color. The carvings and objects are not clearly visible at first glance. Bardo invites her viewers to take their time, sit by the fire, and listen as she unravels her tales, using shiny spots that glitter along their progression. As the stories unfold, her calm work reveals a sense of menace that continues throughout the narrative path.

Lifelines, 2019; image by Laura Sacks

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