Dana Yoeli: Staging Memorials

Dana Yoeli in her Tel Aviv studio, 2022, photo by Roni Cnaani

In her installations, sculptures, and drawings, the Tel Aviv based artist, Dana Yoeli, digs into collective and biographical memories, to create multi-layered environments which prompt us to discover a rich array of interconnected references—from theater and cinema to history, place, and architecture. In Yoeli’s visual universe the “I”, “we”, and “they” entangle to form a new entity, offering us complex shifting perspectives.

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Valerie Hegarty – Memory of a Place

In Valerie Hegarty’s work, autobiography, history, and art history merge seamlessly into engaging installations with a distinct sense of place – visceral and subtle, layered and focused. An inquisitive rigor runs through her work, stirring in the viewer an appetite for more. Valerie Hegarty shared with Art Spiel some thoughts on art making, her own art journey, and some of her upcoming projects.

Portrait of artist while working on “Alternative Histories” for the Brooklyn Museum Image courtesy of Brooklyn Museum
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Elisa Soliven – Genesis of making in Clay

Elisa Soliven, Studio Portrait, Courtesy Maxim Ryazansky

Elisa Soliven is a sculptor, curator, and co-founder of the artist collective Underdonk.  In her recent body of work, exhibited at the last SPRING/BREAK art show, Soliven experienced a turning point in her art.  In our interview for ArtSpiel she elaborated on her process and shared some of the thought process behind her work. Continue reading “Elisa Soliven – Genesis of making in Clay”