Annesta Le at Yi Gallery

Art Spiel in Dialogue with Cecilia Zhang Jalboukh, founder of Yi Gallery in Bushwick

Installation view of Annesta Le solo exhibition “Inner Space” at Yi Gallery Project Room in Bushwick, Brooklyn, 2020. Photo by Yi Gallery.

The Bushwick based Yi Gallery evolved out of Cecilia Zhang Jalboukh’s experience and vision. At its current form it shares space with The Border at 56 Bogart. Yi Gallery’s founder elaborates on Annesta Le’s current solo exhibition, shares with Art Spiel the genesis of Yi Gallery, as well as her vision for the space.

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Nina Mdivani – NY Meets Tbilisi: Defining Otherness Part I & II

In Dialogue with Nina Mdivani on her curatorial project at Kunstraum LLC (Brooklyn) and The Assembly Room (LES)

Rusudan Khizanishvili, Producing The New Body 2019, Acrylic on canvas, 31.49 x 27.55 inches

Nina Mdivani is an independent curator, art writer, and current Curator-in-Residence at Kunstraum located in the Brooklyn Navy Yard neighborhood. Her rigorous curatorial process and research have recently culminated in a two-part exhibition, New York Meets Tbilisi: Defining Otherness. This dynamic group show pairs the works of Georgian and American artists to create multilayered dialogues across cultural identities. Nina Mdivani shares with Art Spiel some of her background, and elaborates on the premise for the upcoming group show she has curated.

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Elizabeth Garvey – on Garvey/Simon

In Dialogue with Liz Garvey on her Programming

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Constance Scopelitis, God is in Clean Laundry: Wash and Wear, 2019, Carbon on fabric. 11h x 11w in

Liz Garvey says that one of her favorite aspects of the Garvey/Simon Select program is seeing how artists reinvigorate traditional media with innovative techniques. Established in 2010, Garvey/Simon is both a private dealer and art advisory service co-founded by advisor/dealer/curator Elizabeth K. Garvey and contemporary collector, Catherine G. Simon. In this interview Liz Garvey sheds some light on her gallery model and her upcoming programs.

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“Now You’re Looking” – Akshita Gandhi at Pulse

Anna Mikaela Ekstrand in dialogue with Mumbai-based artist Akshita Gandhi

Macintosh HD:Users:annamikaela:Desktop:Akshita Gandhi:Images:Press Images:Akshita Gandhi, Angel, 2019, Lightbox, 48_ x 32.5_Photograph courtesy D'Arte Mart(eKo-System Inc).jpg
Akshita Gandhi, Angel, 2019, Lightbox, 48_ x 32.5_Photograph courtesy D’Arte Mart(eKo-System Inc)

Miami Art Week is bigger than any other global fair as it attracts a wide range of audiences. Centered around Art Basel Miami, Miami Art Week is the catch-all term for the seven day art world bonanza in December packed densely with art fairs, public art, interventions, activations, pop-ups, parties – basically all forms of art shows – often sponsored by companies who capitalize on the opportunity to reach art world professionals, art lovers, celebrities, and trend-setters. You might already know this, great. What you might not have considered is what it feels like to be an artist within this bustling eco/nomy/logy.

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Stay High – Leah Tacha at Gold/scopophilia

In Dialogue with Jennifer Wroblewski Founder of Gold/scopophilia

Leah Tacha, Notice Me. 2019. 20 x 11 x 3 inches. Ceramic with digital decals. Photo by Maeve Fitzhoward.
Leah Tacha, Notice Me. 2019. 20 x 11 x 3 inches. Ceramic with digital decals. Photo by Maeve Fitzhoward.

Gold/scopophilia is a rigorous artist run art venue in Upper Montclair NJ, founded in 2017 by Jennifer Wroblewski. The founder shares with Art Spiel the story behind her gallery, programming, and current exhibition featuring the work of Leah Tacha.

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Actual and Implied – Gregory Coates at Monica King Contemporary

Gregory Coates, My Big Brown Peace, 2019 deck brushes 76 x 252 x 3 inches

Each of Gregory Coates’s wall-based assemblages in Actual and Implied, the artist’s solo show at Monica King Contemporary, commands the space with its own powerful presence. Altogether, the show features over a dozen new mixed media assemblages made of found objects created with post-minimalist sensibility, for which Coates is mostly known for. It is a bold encounter with the objects of art at first, but the longer you look, the more subtle and fragile it becomes. The seemingly simple monochromatic surfaces from afar transform to complex arrays of color, line and dot from close-up.

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Juliette Dumas – Whale Flukes Paintings at The Neue House New York

In Dialogue with gallerist Silas Von Morisse on the Whale Flukes Paintings and beyond

Installation view, Juliette Dumas, Whale Fluke (Night) at The Neue House New York

Silas von Morisse founded a reputable gallery in Bushwick in 2014. Then, in 2018, due to notable shifts in the art world for small venues like hers, she decided to drastically change her model: from exhibiting in a physical venue, to featuring art as a mostly online presence paired with events which enable viewing in person. Silas von Morisse shares with Art Spiel her changed mode of operation, while highlighting the current show featuring Whale Flukes paintings by the French artist Juliette Dumas.

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